Mothers get more love than fathers.

Have you ever been watching a sporting event and see an athlete making a superb play? After the athlete gets back to the bench the camera will do a close up of him. As soon as he realizes the camera is on him, what does he say? Nine times out of ten it is “Hi Mom!”. How come it is never “Hi Dad”? Although chances are Dad was the one at the park showing this now superstar athlete how to throw, dribble, kick or shoot a ball. Can Daddy get a little love?

Even in music it is the same thing. If your favorite artists have at least three albums then they have at least one song, where either the entire song or some lyrics in the song is paying tribute to Mom. I bet the same is not true for Dad. It could be Sizzla’s “Thank you Mamma”; Tupac’s “Dear Mamma”, Garnet Silk’s “Mamma”, Jah Cure’s “This one is for you mom” and I could go on and on. Where is the Thank you Dad?

I know some will say it is because the Dads were not around, just like Biggie said in one of his songs “Pop Duke left Mom Duke, the faggot took the back way”. The truth is though, not all Pop Dukes leave and I think the majority stay and play their part. Plus some artist fault Dad in lyrics when it is not even true. Remember Sizzla’s “Thank You” which by the way is different from “Thank you Mamma” where he says “thank you mamma for the nine months you carry me”? I am talking about the “Thank You” on the “Praise Ye Jah” album where he says:

“Mom you do your part, yes you keep holding strong
No question I ask, daddy was so long gone”

But if you check Sizzla’s bio he is from a strong Rastafarian family where both mom and dad were there guiding him, so why take a shot at daddy?

Now Mom deserve a world of love, maybe even more than she gets but dad deserves some too. Warren Sapp said it best about his mother. He was being accused of doing drugs and his reply was, “I don’t do drugs because drugs make you steal from your mother and I would kill for my mother”. I wonder if he would also kill for daddy too.

Give mom all the love in the world, she desrves it. But give a little love to daddy too.

Do you agree that mothers get more love than fathers?



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