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What is Babylon to Rastas?

Bob Marley Bob Marley

There is a misconception that when Rastas chant down Babylon or burn Babylon with a spiritual fire, their main focus is the White establishment. That is misinformation. In fact, the motto of the Nyabinghi (a sect of Rasta) warriors is, “Death to all Black and White downpressors (oppressors).” This means that regardless of what or who you are, if you are a part of any oppressive regime then it is down with you. In Jamaica, the birthplace of Rasta, even the police are referred as Babylon because of their brutal practices. Now don’t go Jamaica and call a police “Babylon”, you would be sorry you did. It’s just an example to show that according to Rastas, every oppressor is “Babylon” or part of the Babylonian system.

It reminds us of our days in Jericho
When we trodding down Jericho walls

These are the days when we trod through Babylon
We’ll keep on trodding until Babylon falls – Bob Marley




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  1. Masterson Marinho de Mendonça // January 23, 2015 at 7:17 pm // Reply

    Lord of Alls Kings.Imperators . Father criation

  2. My name is Eb I come from GAMBIA Gambia is is a small Jamaica I like Gambia and Jamaica I need Jamaica musica

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