Vybz Kartel gets to go to strip clubs and restaurants while behind bars.

Vybz Kartel
Vybz Kartel

A while ago there were words out that Vybz Kartel is very comfortable in prison, it was even confirmed by his common-law-wife Shorty. So much so that Alkaline even did a song questioning how can someone in prison be comfortable. Everything came out in the light this weekend when Kartel was spotted at two popular establishments.

So there is this nice Jamaican Restaurant in New Kingston, so nice that many dancehall and reggae artists frequent the place. Across from the restaurant is also a popular strip club which a lot of dancehall entertainers like to visit. According to the restaurant owner, this weekend he saw Kartel entering the strip club, staying for about a hour then came over to the restaurant and order a bowl of goat head soup.

As Vybz Kartel was drinking the soup, he noticed a piece of hair in the soup and started making a big fuss, creating a scene and demanding a refund.

The owner calmly walk up to the artist and said “I saw you coming out of the strip club and I know what you were eating in there has a lot more hair than the one piece of hair in your soup, so why the big fuss, just drink the soup.”

The artist look at the owner and said, “you are right, what I was eating had a lot of hair, but had I seen any chicken noodle in there, I would have demanded a refund.”



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