Suge Knight in fatal hit and run.

Suge Knight
Suge Knight

After being shot 6 times not too long ago, it appears Suge Knight could be in some more trouble. It is alleged that Suge Knight showed up on the set of a movie being filmed with Ice cube and Dr. Dre. Suge was told to leave by security and an argument developed which further lead to a physical confrontation.

During the confrontation Suge got in his car presumably to get away from trouble, but while reversing he ran over a man who died. Suge did not remain at the scene.

Someone close to Suge says the death row producer was in fear of his life because of being shot recently plus he almost died from a blood clot.

Authorities are still at the scene conducting their investigations. It is not know if Suge will be charged or be allowed to walk since he was scared of his life.



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