Kanye West versus Amber Rose versus Kim Kardashian.


Just when you thought the war of words between the Kardashians and Amber Rose was over, Kanye West jumps into the mix. He really gave it to Amber. Amber had a great comeback when she referred to Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian and her family as the “Kartrashians” though. Brilliant! Sound like Amber has been around quite a few rappers and has perfected her word play.

Here is the insult from Kanye West towards Amber Rose on the morning radio show “Breakfast Club”. Of course Amber would not take the insults lying down and immediately went on twitter to respond.


If Kim Kardashian had dated me when I first wanted to be with her, there wouldn’t be an Amber Rose. It’s very hard for a woman to want to be with someone that’s with Amber Rose. I had to take 30 showers before I got with Kim.

Amber Rose:

This is my moment to let the world know who u really are and the things you’ve done to me. After all these years I never snitched on u and I don’t plan on starting now. We once loved each other so I won’t do u like that. I’ll leave that up to the Kartrashians to humiliate u when they’re done with u. I’m always so quiet and just a cool fun girl. The funny thing is I’m all for a woman making something out of nothing. Ppl make mistakes in life trust me I have. But when u bully other ppl and ur not perfect its so fucked. I own up to every piece of my life.

Is it me or does it seems like Amber Rose is not too smart? First she said it is her moment to let the world know who Kanye really is, like she was about to drop a major bombshell, then immediately she follows up with she has never snitched on him and won’t start now.

Girl, are you going to tell the world who the dude really is or not?

I am sure everyone is wondering what it is about Kanye that Amber is keeping a secret. Did he not pay all his taxes? Did he kill a man? Rob a bank? Did they go swinging with Beyonce and Jay Z? Is Kanye the gay rapper? What is it Amber? Please snitch!



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