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Why do men even argue with women? It’s a no win situation.

kim kardashian amber rose kanye west Kim Kardashian. Kanye West & Amber Rose

Recently the arguments and insults between celebrities have been taking over the internet. Amber Rose insulting Khloe Kardashian, Kanye West insulting Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifa insulting Amber Rose and Amber Rose arguing with Kim Kardashian.

I can understand Amber, Kim and Khloe arguing and insulting each other. They are women, that’s what women do, they were built for that. However, why would grown men like Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa get into a mud slinging contest with females?

Men, never ever argue with a woman. You will never win regardless of how confident you are that you are in the right. If you are communicating with a woman and you noticed it is turning into a war of words, walk away and wait for her to cool down. Once she has calmed down, you can then return and carry on the conversation if you so please. Women were born with two tongues, so they are always willing and able to argue. Any man who can beat a woman in a verbal confrontation is a sissy. So why put yourself in that position in the first place?

If you just have to argue with a woman, make sure your arguments make sense. It sounds silly that Kanye West would go on national radio and tell the world that Kim Kardashian made him take 30 showers after he left Amber, before he could get with Kim. Is Kim really such a symbol of cleanliness that any man that has been with Amber would have to take 30 showers before they can get with Kim? Didn’t Ray J ejaculate in Kim’s nose and urinate in her mouth? It doesn’t get any dirtier than that, so one shower should suffice for a man before getting with her.

So you see men, you have to rise above arguing with women. You will say silly things that might seems effective in hurting a woman, but when you dig deeper you will see it makes absolutely no sense.

To disrespect the women, I disagree
How can you stand and curse a bearing tree
– Sizzla



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