India Arie’s pens open letter to Zendaya.

India Arie & Zendaya
India Arie & Zendaya

After Giuliana Rancic’s gaffe about Zendaya’s hair, India Arie has come to her defense. Giuliana’s have apologized and it sounds sincere. Hopefully, this will turn out to be a great teaching moment that everyone can grow and learn from. Below is India Arie’s letter in defense of Zendaya.

I wanted to jump in and defend Zendaya – but she’s doing that BEAUTIFULLY herself.
VERY. WELL. DONE. It’s a powerful thing to be a TEENAGER in the public eye, and feel empowered to speak up in your own defense. STUNNING!

In my opinion, Entitlement in and of itself, BLINDS people to that very entitlement … THUS allowing the behavior exhibited.

I’m not calling Giuliana Rancic a RACIST, .. but OF COURSE it has to do with RACE. To say it has “Nothing to do with race” .. THAT’S why people get mad.

But lets remember HOW difficult it is for a person of Gullianna Ranci’s social context to really UNDERSTAND how we see race in this issue. How race is a pervasive ISSUE in the entertainment industries as a whole.

We need more more compassion in this world. Period

So I’m not MAD at Giuliana Rancic I’m SAD at her. I’m Sad that things LIKE THIS keep happening.

Im sad that theres an actual form of entertainment where people are excused to be snarky and unkind, thats the REAL issue.

What I’m baffled by is how we put people in boxes SO easily. Calling it “Boho Chic” Doesn’t ACTUALLY make it more decent to say. “She looks like she smells like Patchouli Oil … or Weed” LOL! mmmmmm REALLY?

It’s offensive. It has a racist edge. but also it’s also just off base. WAY off base.

THIS is why people are mad.

I love you Zendaya. You’re empowerment and Self Definition is the most BEAUTIFUL THING HERE!

Continue to be self defined!

Waiting for the world outside of you to change before you can feel good about yourself is a waste of time! Time that you COULD be using to better yourself. Not easy when you’re in the public eye. not easy for most of us at ALL. BUT! doing that work MATTERS. HOW we live, is OUR choice.

Zendaya you are doing you SO, So, SO, SO, SOOOOOO Beautifullllyyyyyyyy.

You remind us that we ALL have it in us.

TO ME, Zendaya ACTUALLY looks like she smells like a BEAUTIFUL FLOWER. *Shrug* just my Opinion

From my Windowsill

India Arie

P.S. most people in the natural hair world would call these “Silky locs” not dread locs

love to all #SoulbirdsWorldWide



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