Reggae on America Idol.

Savion Wright
Savion Wright on American Idol

There was some sweet reggae music featured in the American Idol top 24 performance. Like Tessanne Chin and Anita Antoinette who brought reggae unto The Voice, Savion Wright brought some reggae unto the American Idol singing competition.

Savion Wright, is in the top 24 for the first time after a few tries did a soulful reggae rendition of “Hey Soul, Sister”. The audience and all the judges really got into his performance as it was an excellent one.

The singer also played the guitar very well. While he is no Jimi Hendrix, his overall talent cannot be denied. The judges love his unique style and talent, although Jennifer Lopez did remind him that he can’t get caught up in the studio audience as he needs to pay attention the cameras as it is Americans watching at home who would be voting for him.

Check out Savion’s performance below.

Based in Savion’s performance, will you be voting for him?



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