Cleaning up Dancehall Reggae Music.

Chronixx and Protoje
Chronixx and Protoje

In the Jamaican movie “Shottas”, reggae band Inner Circle sang, “I was born a disciplined child, never knew how I got so wild”. The same can be said of dancehall, the child of reggae. Reggae fans and enthusiasts seem to think that somewhere along the way, the genre has gone astray. A few reggae labels have join forces trying to return dancehall back home to its parent, reggae, much like the prodigal son.   The result is an entertaining compilation, filled with modern reggae rhythms, yet at the same time, it has that old time reggae appeal. The compilation is called “18 Karat Reggae Hits 2015” and is available on iTunes, Amazon and other digital stores.

The album features a smooth roots riddim called “Rasta Revival” from the label A Good Music (AGM). On this rhythm, Mr. Bertus and Jah Fenixx have songs called “Wicked dem a run” and “Dem nuh love Rasta”, respectively. There is Boom Viniyard with soul piercing lyrics in the song “Stolen Legacy”. Boom Viniyard sings of the devastation face by Africans as a result of European invasion. Then there is the veteran Fred Locks with a song that seems to aim directly at some of today’s reggae dancehall artists. In “Ababa Jahni”, Fred Locks sings, “You can’t serve Jah and Baphomet at the same time”. This should be a warning to those who sing of Jah’s love in one song and then sing of murdering people in another.

The compilation also has some beautiful love songs for the ladies. Melodic Yoza sings heartbreaking yet sweet lyrics on “Hello Goodbye”. Then there is also ScorpianKing featuring Raymond Chow on “Where can I run”, another song of a love relationship on the rock.

There are other hard hitting songs on the compilation from artists like Jango Fresh, Zeego Zaro, Ahterny and more. Reggae and dancehall fans both will be able to enjoy this compilation from the top the very lost drop.

As a social media fan said about the compilation: “It Remind me of Lee Scratch Perry, Mad Proffessor, Mutabaruka and the Wailing Wailers. It’s like all of them rolled into one masterpiece.”

Download 18 Karat Reggae Hits 2015 here:



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