Suge Knight had prior hit and run before his recent fatal hit and run.

It seems like running over people is nothing new for Suge Knight. After yesterday’s video showing the rap mogul running over two men and killing one of them, it is now being revealed that Suge Knight plowed through a crowd with his SUV back in December of 2012.

Suge Knight and Katt Williams were hanging out together when Katt Williams got into a fight outside of a Hollywood night club. Try a true friend, Suge stepped in to help out his friend.

As the fight got heated, both Suge and Katt Williams jumped into their SUV, Katt in the back and Suge in the driver’s seat. TMZ reports that a large crowd gathered around the SUV and a “frustrated/angry Suge then punches it, striking at least one person before screeching away.”



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