Playboy model Holly Madison contemplated suicide: Depression is a serious illness.

Whether or not it is true or it is just a publicity stunt to sell her upcoming memoir, Holly Madison has revealed that she actually contemplated suicide while living in the playboy mansion. Hopefully it is not the latter as depression and mental illness is nothing to be taken lightly.

From the outside looking in, it seems like the playboy mansion is all about fun and sex but in her new memoir, Holly plans to reveal that it was everything, but. If you consider the fact that her reality show “Girls next door” went on for over five years and took place in the playboy mansion, then why did she stay in a situation where she was actually thinking of taking her life.

They say the human emotion is like a bucket gathering water. If water is being poured into a bucket, whenever the bucket reaches it full capacity, if water continues to be poured in, it will spill over. The fact that Holly Robinson only thought about it but did not commit suicide means that she got out before her bucket filled. So while she may not have left the playboy mansion when she was supposed to, she left on time.

“I think my stories will surprise people and I’m looking forward to lifting the veil of mystique and clearing up the misconceptions so often associated with my life,” Madison said.

The new memoir which is due out this summer is entitled; Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny.

Madison’s seemingly fairy tale existence inside the Playboy Mansion was filled with drama, darkness, and even depression. “Life inside the notorious Mansion wasn’t a dream at all and quickly became a nightmare,” she states. “After losing my identity, my sense of self-worth, and my hope for the future, I found herself sitting alone in a bathtub contemplating suicide.”

The publisher also promises to detail the “oppressive routine of strict rules, manipulation, and battles with ambitious, backstabbing bunnies.”



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