Can America go from a Barack Obama to a Ted Cruz?

With Ted Cruz announcing that he is entering the 2016 presidential race, the question now becomes, does he have any chance to win the election.

To answer that question, one would have to ask, is America willing to go back into her disgraceful past.

They say America has come a long way since her dark past of slavery and Jim Crow but she still has a long way to go. If Obama’s presidency shows how far we have come as a country, a Cruz victory would show that we have not come that far after all.

To understand where Ted Cruz is coming from, one must know who Jesse Helms was and what Helms stood for. Jesse Helms was a known racist Republican senator from North Carolina who might as well had owned the patent on racism and numerous copyrights on bigotry. The Washington Post once said the following about Jesse Helms: “…the ugly politics of race are alive and well. Helms is their master.” Helms once held a filibuster to prevent Dr. Martin Luther King birthday from becoming a national holiday and that’s just the tip of his bigotry.

Ted Cruz is a student of Jesse Helms. In fact, in Ted Cruz’s bigoted mind, what America needs is one hundred Jesse Helms in the senate. No wonder he is a darling of the tea party, haters stick together.

Can a country that voted for a man whose father is from Kenya, Africa; turn around and vote for a man who wishes there were no African people, just Africa’s natural resources?

Obama’s victory had people thinking about how far we have came. A Ted Cruz’s run will prove if that feeling of progress was real or not.



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