Batman vs Superman

Batman vs Superman
Batman vs Superman

You have to be a real dancehall reggae fan to remember the following lyrics:

Mi tek off the S off Superman chest
Mi tek off the B off Batman belly
Mi put dem togther and mi get Sport Billy

Of course the song and those lyrics were talking about combining Batman and Superman to form a helluva Superhero. Hollywood had different plans, however. They don’t want to combine Superman and Batman; they want the two superheros to challenge each other. The movie has been made and the trailer has been leaked.

The teaser trailer for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, that was supposed to hit IMAX screens in the US at a special event on Monday, has been leaked online.

It was very clear we were going to have this trailer on Monday, whether an official upload from Warner Bros Pictures or a leak post-screening, but having this happened just days before the screening throws a spanner in the works. And that’s not just for Warner and DC. While the teaser trailer screening was a ticketed event, it was rumored that the trailer would also feature before prints of The Avengers: Age of Ultron, releasing worldwide on April 22. The pact, if true, means that DC and Marvel are tying up to battle the Star Wars franchise for hype monopoly. Having the trailer leaked online has officially pooped all over those plans. No word yet from Warner Bros, DC, or Zack Snyder on the leak.

The voice over in the trailer clearly talks about the world being split over Superman being a savior or a super weapon waiting to explode, with Batman probably making an appearance to preempt that possible threat. And all the Superman-Jesus imagery is very in your face, as is the ever present dark and gritty tones that Christopher Nolan made standard. The new Batmobile, and what looks like a new jet, make an entrance, and Bats’ reinforced anti-superman armor as well. Looking forward to royal rumble Batsy. Make it count.



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