Waka Flocka Flame Running For President.

waka flocka flame
waka flocka flame

Waka Flocka Flame has announced that he’s running for president and you won’t believe what he has up his sleeve should he land a spot in the Oval Office.

The Atlanta rapper told Rolling Stone magazine that his first order of business will be to “legalize marijuana” because “the president gotta have a big, fat old blunt.” Naturally.

Flame also announced that he’s ready to tackle the world’s biggest problems at hand, like animals in restaurants.

“I don’t want to see no f–king animal in the restaurant ever again,” he exclaimed.

Flame also #literallycant with big feet. Yup, actual big feet.

“Anybody who got feet over size 13 cannot walk in public no more. They have to take trains, cabs and busses.”

But in all seriousness, “education is important” to the presidential hopeful, who added, “We need to start teaching these kids more reality skills.”

Flame also claims he’ll raise minimum wage, sharing, “I feel like all fast food restaurants should be paying $15 an hour. Since In-N-Out Burger is doing it, great f–king idea In-N-Out Burger!”

And as far as women’s rights go, well, Flame thinks there are bigger fish to fry in the White House.

“I feel like women got all the rights already. What else do they want? My mother was my father and my mother so she controlled the house, she raised five men, put food on the table, she kept the lights on…Women are pretty tough right now. I feel like it’s not the thing of rights for women, it’s more of a respect thing.”

Flame has his eye on the prize, that’s for sure, but he also knows that he’s got an uphill battle ahead of him.

“Hillary Clinton is my only competition right now because the women love her and she’s honest and her husband is Bill Clinton so it’s a tough one…and I hope I make it.”



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