Buju Banton gets his gun charges dropped.

Buju Banton
Buju Banton

Federal prosecutors have agreed to drop a firearms charge against reggae star Buju Banton, who is already serving a 10-year sentence.

The US Attorney’s Office announced Thursday that a deal with Banton calls for his waiver of all future appeals related to his 2011 conviction on a cocaine distribution conspiracy charge.

With this deal, Buju Banton will not be able to file any further appeals for an early release. On the bright side, Buju Banton will not have to worry about any extra time being added on to his sentence for the gun charges.

Buju Banton is scheduled to be released from federal prison in January 2019, at which time he will be deported to Jamaica.

Buju Banton’s attorneys previously argued that he should be released early under a change in federal drug sentencing guidelines. But the change didn’t apply to most minimum mandatory sentences.

Banton’s 10-year sentence is the minimum mandatory sentence for his conviction stemming from a 2009 arrest following a sting operation.

Many in the reggae dancehall community still believe that Buju Banton’s arrest was a setup by the homosexual community in retaliation for the song “Boom bye bye” which was recorded by Buju Banton over 20 years ago.



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