Reggae Star Anthony B says younger generation needs to embrace reggae.

Anthony B
Anthony B

Anthony B’s 12th album, Tears of Love, will be released on July 23.  Speaking with Sunday 18 Karat Reggae, the singjay said he wants it to reach a younger generation.

“Reggae music needs an album similar to Buju Banton’s ‘Til Shiloh; we need a landmark. Bob Marley and other icons did it, but right now we don’t know where the music is going,” Anthony B said.

The roots artiste added that while the genre is at its highest peak financially, Jamaican acts are being outsold by their American counterparts such as Sojah and Rebelution.

“Reggae is not being embraced by our younger generation, and this is because there is not much for them to hang on to. These are the glory days for reggae, but now the local acts are recording on more hip hop beats; we are losing the authenticity,” Anthony B said.

Boasting 17 tracks, Tears of Love has production work from Master One, Kirk Bennett, Chase Mills Records and Firehouse Records.

Among the songs on Tears of Love are How Do You Sleep and a collaboration with Richie Spice called There is a Reward.

Like his previous albums, Anthony B said the Tears of Love is ‘rated G’ and is meant for the entire family.

His previous set, Tribute to Legends, was released in 2013. It contained covers of classic dancehall/reggae songs.

“In my (younger) days, I used to listen to artistes like Tiger and so on, but as an adult I became more mature and music that I would shun as a child became my favorite. While our children may be attached to the music being played today, 20 years from now they are going to want to hear something else,” Anthony B said.

Anthony B starts a six-week tour of Europe on July 7. In late August, he kicks off a series of shows in Australia, Japan and New Zealand.




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