Teacher and Student caught having oral sex in school bathroom.

oral sex in Jamaica
oral sex in Jamaica

The Jamaican police are now investigating a teacher attached to a school in St Catherine, Jamaica who was allegedly caught having oral sex with a 8th grade student in the school bathroom.

According to a source, the male teacher and the female student were in the bathroom involved in the oral sex act when they were reportedly seen by other students.

The oral sex incident reportedly transpired on Monday, sometime in the afternoon, following the student’s examination session.

When 18 Karat Reggae contacted the Center for the Investigation of Sexual Offenses and Child Abuse, it was confirmed that a teacher at the institution was being investigated.

“Yes, we are investigating a male teacher. I am aware of the incident,” said a senior policewoman.

A teacher at the institution also confirmed hearing about an incident but said that she could not speak definitively to it.

“I heard the rumor, but I am not on campus so I didn’t get the full details. I heard it was an incident with a student and a teacher having oral sex,” she said.

Interestingly, she pointed out that a meeting was also called yesterday at the school. When asked whether it was in relation to the oral sex incident, she responded, “I guess. They said we had a meeting. I am not sure if it was a general staff meeting or an emergency meeting.”

When the school was contacted twice about the incident, the principal was said to be out of office.

Meanwhile, a representative of the Ministry of Education said they were awaiting a report regarding the incident from the ministry’s regional office. He said that they strongly disapprove of such misconduct.



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