We Are One.

Rasta Unity
Rasta Unity

By Millard Wright.

There is no “Us” and “Them”. That is a concept created to forge alliances, create disputes, and elevate ones self to positions of power.

Think about this if you will – if you use a giant straw and evacuate all the waters from the face of the earth – holding it in your mouth for a moment to reflect on what remains, you will perceive a piece of “rock” without boundaries, populated by individuals caught in a web of mass migration which started millions of years ago with the “exodus” out of the region we now call Africa, adapting to the place where we decide to settle – and that has not ceased.

We now know that we are one, unhappy, quarrelsome family arguing about who is better than who – who is the most powerful – whose complexion or hair is better than whose – who has amassed the greatest wealth – and so on.

We fight, we kill, we steal and we enslave and create other unthinkable atrocities to each other always thinking that we are doing it to “Them” and not to members of the same family – one big unhappy family.

Israeli/Palestinian – White/Black – whatever. Let’s not perpetuate divisions. The earth is but one country, occupied by one people. Just solve the family disputes and get on with it.

You can let the water back out now and build “bridges” to connect with each other.



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