The Republican Party is dying. Hate will follow suit.

Republican Party Representatives
Republican Party Representatives

It wont be long before political pundits start debating “who or what killed the Republican party?” What will not be debated, however, and it cannot be denied, is the fact that the Republican Party is dying a very slow death. I did not draw this conclusion by the taking down of the confederate flag in South Carolina. Neither did I draw my conclusion from the fact that so many companies turn their backs on Donald Trump after his hateful and racist rhetoric against Hispanics. It is a combination of all these things. All over America people are rallying against hatred. When there is no hatred to hold on to, what will the Republican party hold on to?

To see that the Republican Party is dying, all you had to do is compare and contrast the diverse make up of the audience at a Democratic event versus the audience at a Republican event. At the Democratic event you will see Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, old, young, rich, poor all together. At a Republican event you will see men and women but they are all white. In fact, the only thing more diverse at a Republican event is the fact that you will see American flags and confederate flags, while at the Democratic event you will only see American flags.

It is almost like this whole new word of inclusion and togetherness have passed the Republicans by the way side. The Republican party looks a “whites only” section of a restaurant in the Jim Crow segregated South. In fact, the reason you do not see people like J.C. Watts or Clarence Thomas at Republican events is because they were scared they may get strung up.

The fact that Hispanics will be the majority in a few years coupled with the fact that divisive tactics don’t seem to be working with young people, will make it very difficult for the Republican party to stop their slow walk to the grave. Plus I think the average Joe, even Joe the plumber (Remember that guy?) knows that “compassionate conservatism” is an oxymoron and a “fleeting illusion to be pursued, but never attained”.

I heard someone said that the Republican party is now the party for Southern Whites. I disagree, I think the Republican party is now the party for old Southern White bigots. When these older bigots die, chances are their replacements will not be Republicans.

As long as young people continue to not fear those who are of different ethnicity and religion, the Republican party will be as dead as Ronald Reagan.

The death of the Republican party should be celebrated because as it dies so will a lot of hatred.

Do you think the Republican Party can recover?



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