Rapper dies in car accident.

Hussein Fatal
Hussein Fatal

Rapper Hussein Fatal, best known as a member of Tupac’s group the Outlawz, passed away on Saturday (July 11) in a fatal car accident. He was just 38 years old.

Sources tell 18 Karat Reggae that the rapper was driving to Atlanta, after a weekend in New Jersey, when he was involved in an accident on Route 85. Further details were unknown, but his death was confirmed by fellow group members, E.D.I. Mean and Napoleon, via social media.

“It is confirmed our brother hussein fatal member of the outlawz returned to Allah last night due to a car accident,” Napoleon wrote on Facebook. “Our brother fatal did accept islam and We ask Allah to have mercy on him. He was my old group member and friend for over 20 years and he will be missed. Death comes sudden with out warning and we ask Allah to give us a good ending.”

E.I.I. added, via Instagram: “Can’t believe it! R.I.P. Fatal… My condolences to his family and to the members of the outlawz”



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