Jamaica becoming a killing field.

Jamaica Police
Jamaica Police

For the fourth time this year, there has been a quadruple murder in the small island of Jamaica with a population of around 3 million people.

This time the carnage happened in the western parish of Westmoreleand. Four males, including a high school student, were shot dead by gunmen.

Those killed have been identified as 14 year old Shawn Clayton, a student of Knockalva High School; 20 year old Romario Drummond; 22 year old Theodore Tennant; and Demar Doeman, also called Geico; all of Old Road District in Whithorn.

The quadruple killing has catapulted the murder tally in the parish to 50 since the start of the year, 27 more than the 23 reported for the same period last year.

Reports are that about 2:40 pm the four were among a group playing Nintendo games in a small ice-cream shop when they were pounced upon by about four men, who peppered them with gunshots.

The incident reportedly took place a short distance from the Whithorn Police Station, shortly after a shower of rain.

It is understood that four young boys who were also in the shop at the time of the attack managed to escape unhurt.

“Two little baby boys, who ran pass me, had blood on their bodies,” a community member said.

A police source told the Jamaica Observer that it is theorised that last evening’s killings were in reprisal for a shooting that occurred in the area four months ago, where a community member was shot and injured.

Two of those killed yesterday were reportedly charged for the shooting.

Meanwhile, the killings attracted a large throng near the crime scene where family members of the deceased cried bitterly.

This is the fourth quadruple killing since the start of the year. In January, 4 people were killed at a house in Bickersteh in St. James. Then in April, a man and 3 teen boys were gunned down in Monymusk, Clarendon. And in May, 4 elderly farmers were shot dead in Claremont, St. Elizabeth.



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