Should spanking be allowed in schools?

corporal punishment in schools
corporal punishment in schools

Never let the children cry
Cause you got to tell Jah Jah why – Bob Marley

Never you beat little children
You must love, protect and always admire them – Josey Wales

A Jamaican lady sent her young son to a new School, but the child does not fit in well and just can’t seem to stay out of trouble in his new School. The child got into a fight the first two days of School, so on the third day when he got into another fight, the teacher had enough and spank him so badly that the seat of his pants got ripped.

When the boy got home the mother was so outraged, she did not even wait for the next day of School, without asking the boy what happened, she rushed off to the teacher’s house and demanded to know why her son came home with a rip in the seat of his pants. The teacher calmly explained, “Miss Brown, the first day of School your son fought, the second day he fought, the third day he fought”. The mother then replied, “Den teacher yu mean to tell mi di tree likkle fart di bwoy fart rip out him pants batty?”.

Ok, so that was one of those Jamaican jokes that my uncle used to tell me. But spanking in Jamaica’s Schools is no joke. If you don’t know how to behave in School the teacher will put a belt or switch to your backside. I still remember my 5th grade teacher used to have a belt he called “The Doctor”, if there is one thing you did not want was an appointment with the doctor.

In America though, it seems like parents spanking their children is not encouraged much less spanking by teachers at School. I read that psychologist studies have revealed that spanking decreases a child’s self esteem, I am not buying it. I have seen where a six year old was handcuffed and taken to Jail. I also saw where a young child got tazered. The just recently a twelve year old boy playing in the park was shot dead by a police officer. So as in common in the United States; you can handcuff a child, you can tazer a child, you can shoot a child and murder him in cold blood, but don’t you dare spank a child.

What do you think about spanking, does it help or hurt a child?

Were you spanked as a child? If so, do you think it helped or hurt?



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