Reggae Artist accused of pedophilia.


A reggae artist is all over social media as fans are accusing him of child molestation.

According to activities on social media, the entertainer is being accused of repeated sexual activities with minors. The issue came to light allegedly after two underage females were said to be fighting over the mature entertainer.

As a mature, talented and well respected artist, it does not look good on the entertainer or the reggae community as a whole.

This sparked the calling by several social media users for the Child Development Agency (CDA) and the Center for Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) to investigate the celebrity.

When 18 Karat Reggae contacted CISOCA, its head office in Kingston and another branch in a nearby parish say they are not aware of the issue.

Meanwhile, entertainer Mr. Vegas has since posted a video on Youtube bashing pedophiles. Vegas is urging individuals to step up and speak out.

While the entertainer’s name is all over social media, we refuse to publish here as it is still a rumor and we would not want to cast such a great artist in a bad light without proper proof. There have been many celebrities falsely accused of sexual molestation before. Stay tuned to 18 Karat Reggae. Should law enforcement get involved, we will publish the artist’s name.



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