Chiraq: Iraq is safer than Chicago.


A lot of people, especially the residents of Chicago are not too happy about the new Spike Lee movie, “Chiraq”. People have all the right to be upset as the movie makes light of the tremendous carnage currently taking place in Chicago and has been going on for years now. Spike Lee should have done the right thing and approach “Chiraq” as he did in the classic, “Do the right thing.”

Back in 2007, there was an article in Time magazine comparing Chicago to Baghdad in terms of safety. Remember in 2007, the Iraq war was still at its peak. So neighborhoods where our little children live, learn, play and go to church were being compared to an actual war zone. Whether it was a fair comparison or not, the fact that Chicago was even in a position to make such a comparison, is pathetic. It seemed to be a fair comparison however, because right wing conservatives were using the violence statistics of Chicago and other similar inner cities to argue that the war in Iraq was not going as bad as the media hyped it up to be. In fact, it was deemed that a soldier in Iraq who never leaves the green zone (a fortress in Iraq for American personnel) was actually safer than a child walking to school on a Chicago street.

Fast forward some 8 years and the war in Iraq has subsided significantly. Yet the violence in Chicago rages on. Now, even women and children are not being spared from the wrath of Chicago’s street gangs. While Obama boasts of ending the war in Iraq, a nine year old boy is gunned down execution style in Chicago.

Why aren’t the presidential candidates being asked what will they do about the violence in places like Chicago? These are the kind of questions that should be put to Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Jeb Bush.

Also, what will we the people do so our little children are not exposed to such violence? We have to face the fact that both mothers and fathers have to hold down a job to provide food, clothes and shelter for the children. So while parents are primarily responsible for the children, they are not the only ones who should be held responsible for all the inner city war zones. Let’s all play our parts by reaching out to the youths however we can, so place like Chicago is not more dangerous than an actual war zone.



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