Bob Marley image appears on banana peel.

Bob Marley Banana
Bob Marley Banana

Setting up her stall to sell her farm goods turned into a reggae revelation when Patricia Robinson saw the face of Bob Marley on her banana peel.

‘‘Mi bawl out, oh Lawd, nuh Bob Marley dat pon di banana!’’

‘‘I had to pull it off the shelf. I said this one is not for sale when I saw his face’’ she told 18 Karat Reggae.

The impact of seeing Bob Marley image on the banana prevented the Jamaican woman from selling it but it did not prevent her from eating it.

‘‘I took some pictures before I ate it and put on facebook and people were saying it is a reggae banana or the king of all bananas.’’

Miss Robinson said the only reason she ate the banana is because it would have spoiled over time and the image would have been gone. When asked why she did not put it in the freezer for preservation, she said she only thought of freezing it after she finished eating it.



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