A 10-year-old girl is Reggae Music’s new singing wonder.

Singing wonder Jahnyra

Reggae music has found itself a very young singing wonder and she is 10-year-old Jahnyra.

If you were to read the lyrics from Jahnyra’s song Jah Love is, you would be inclined to believe they were written by a Rasta man but they were actually written and perform by the promising young lady.

Jahnyra is an up and coming entertainer whose main goal is to entertain. At her tender age of ten,she has the ability to infect her audience with her charisma, personality, smile, and vocal range.

Her captivating voice was first noticed while performing in her school’s talent show where she left her vocal stamp.

She continues to awe strangers and family members with her vocal maturity and stage presence. Besides perfecting
her singing ability, she enjoys dancing, reading, writing songs, and drawing.

As a self trained singer, she hopes to inspire other young vocalist and work with professionals. Her desire to sing stems from musical greats like: singer, songwriter Beyonce and Katy Perry; reggae singer Etanna; and actress and singer Selena Gomez.

Jahnyra interests continues to expand and for her, the sky is the limit. Her single Jah Love is can be downloaded from iTunes.

Jah love is was written by JAHNYRA and also “cry freedom” on the GENARATION riddim. RIP Rhonda(protect me) also on GENARATION riddim.



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