Designer “Tom Ford” Refuses to dress Melania Trump

Tom Ford, Melania, Michelle Obama

It is quite odd that high-end designer to the Stars !Tom Ford! is refusing  to dress the impending First Lady,  Melania Trump. He has been approached in the past but left her high and dry! Typically if you can pay the tag, the dress is yours but not in the case of Mrs Trump.

Tom Ford’s explanation is that his designs are way to expensive for a First Lady BUT the fact is, he did dress First Lady Michelle Obama   in a stellar custom-made gown for a dinner with the royal family at Buckingham Palace back in 2011. When pressed he concede that “Well, she’s not necessarily my image’.

Tom Ford’s formal wear tends to cost upwards of $5000; the Trumps can certainly afford it First Lady or not. It would be interest to know what his real reason behind rejecting to offer services to Mrs Trump is. Without a doubt, this has people thinking!



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