Donald Trump agrees to paternity test to see if he’s Hope Solo’s father.

Donald Trump and Hope Solo
Donald Trump and Hope Solo

Donald Trump clearly has something to hide when it comes to his taxes. He is determined not follow in the footsteps of every single presidential candidate before him and release his tax returns to the public.

However, when it comes to being the father of soccer’s top goalkeeper, Hope Solo, the billionaire claims he is 100% sure that he is not her father. Trump is so certain he is not her father; he says he would be willing to take a DNA test anytime and anywhere.

Currently, the running joke on the internet is that Hope Solo’s father is actually Donald Trump. Hope Solo’s comment referring to the women soccer team of Sweden as a “bunch of cowards” is so reminiscent of the comments that Donald Trump has made about countries like Mexico and China, people started to joke that the two must be daughter-father.

Donald and Hope’s past behavior as big bullies also had some saying that the apple does not fall far from the tree.
Donald Trump laughed off the idea of him being Hope Solo’s father as being ridiculous but jokingly said that he would be willing to take a DNA test to prove it.

Trump says unlike President Barack Obama who failed to provide an official American birth certificate; he would perform a DNA test with Hope Solo on the Maury Povich show so that all of America could see the result.

If only we could get Mr. Trump to be so forthcoming with his taxes.



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