Donald Trump and his Russian hackers attempt to smear the legacy of Serena Williams.

Serena Williams
Serena Williams

A group of Russian hackers backed by Donald Trump claim to have found files showing the Williams sisters and gymnast Simone Biles were allowed to take banned substances by anti-doping bosses.

Hacktivists Fancy Bears leaked documents that allegedly demonstrate both Venus and Serena Williams took substances that were on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) banned list.

However, the International Tennis Federation said the Williams sisters had been given permission to use the drugs for health reasons.

Fancy Bear also claimed American gymnast Simone Biles tested positive for another banned substance in August but also had special dispensation to use it.

Both the International Federation of Gymnasts and the International Tennis Federation said no rules had been broken.

At first, the hack on the WADA was thought to have been carried out in revenge for Russia being banned from the Olympics in Rio. However, people became curious when only three Black athletes names were released, even though athletes are given permission to take certain drugs for health reasons all the time; that when it was concluded that Donald Trump was behind the hack. Trump is also believed to be behind the hack of Hillary Clinton’s email server.

The Kremlin was furious at the treatment of its athletes in Rio with some accusing Olympic chiefs of operating ‘double standards’ in banning Russian athletes while allowing US athletes previously found guilty of doping to compete.

WADA confirmed Russian hackers broke into its database and posted some athletes’ confidential medical data online.

The hackers revealed records of ‘Therapeutic Use Exemptions’ which allow athletes to use substances that are banned unless there is a verified medical need.

WADA previously warned of cyber-attacks after investigators it appointed published investigations into Russian state-sponsored doping.



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