Super Tuesday: Why everyone should vote.

Super Tuesday
Super Tuesday

“Neither party is mine’s, not the jackass or the elephant.” – Chuck D

Recently I have been called a Democrat, not sure why. I have never claimed to be affiliated with any political parties, even though I always have an opinion on issues. I am a socialist and my motto is and will always be, “Social living is the best.” I am not anti Repugnant, oops, I meant anti Republican. I am only anti or pro certain issues. Then there are other issues which I personally don’t care about one way or the other.

If some of our posts seem a little harsh to republicans, it is not because we are democrat friendly, it is just that, well, the Republican party is a party of hate. It is no surprise that the leading candidate for the party of hate, is a Hitler reincarnate, in Donald Trump.

I wont be voting on Tuesday, not because I think voting is a waste of time; it is not, at least not totally. I won’t be voting because I am not a U.S. citizen. I voted last week in the Jamaican election and for those who are interested, I voted for Portia Simpson of the People’s National Party (“Social living is the best”). Now for those who believe voting is a waste of time, let me share something with you:

Recently I read and article about a study conducted by a major University. The study concluded that big businesses and special interest groups have 90% of influence on the United States Government, regardless of which party is in power. The other 10% of influence comes from the people, yes you the people actually have a 10% influence on your Government. So if you don’t vote, you will have 0% influence on your Government, but if you do vote, you are a part of a 10% influence. I think the latter is the better of the two choices.

So know where you stand on issues that interest you, know where the candidates stand on those issues. Then go out and vote. Make the most of your 10% influence.

Will you be voting on Super Tuesday?

Do you believe your vote counts?



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