Lij Tafari is the reincarnated Christ (Excerpt #1 from the unpublished book “Murder And Sacrifice” )

Christ in his Kingly character


After my research I saw that the Rastafarians has a closer identity to Jesus the Nazarene, than the established Christian church. So before leaving the church I adopted the Rastafarian I.D. The most important things I learned from Jesus teachings are: To manifest his principles and live like he did, and do even greater works than him. Not the other way around, believing in him the person dying for my sins.

Prior to all of this I always had a deep love for the Rastafarian culture from my youth growing up in St. Vincent. I identified with their message in reggae music because it speaks to the issues of our black struggle. I often went to the bushes where some of them reside isolating themselves from society. I ate Ital stew and reason with them. I enjoyed the Saturday morning debates with them and the Seventh Day Adventists on their way to church. There’s one line that’s stuck in my head and forever will. When one of the Adventist attack the RAS’s for smoking Marijuana, one RAS shouted out saying: “And smoke came out of his nostrils” quoting from the book of Psalms 18:8. I’ll never forget that!

A band member from the church I attended whom I was very close with helped me produce a mini album entitled “One Day”. Two of the cuts drew a lot of attention from the Rastafarian community in New York: “Stolen Legacy” and “You Don’t Have to Be Like them”. The first songs mentioned; spoke of the oppression of the black man and exalts him to the status of a royal priesthood and his nation; a chosen people. The other encouraged black people to be a strong educated independent nation while exalting the name of Immanuel.

I met with a branch of this culture known as Bobo Ashanti. Upon hearing my music one of them by the name prophet Joshua said: Immanuel is calling you.

In my song the Immanuel I spoke of is Jesus but I refrain from using that name because it’s  European. The Immanuel the prophet spoke of is Emmanuel Charles Edwards. He is the founder of Bobo Ashanti royal priesthood and the Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress Church (E.A.B.I.C) in Kingston Jamaica.

The Rastafarian movement was born there in Jamaica on the principles of one of its native sons Marcus Garvey. Their central figure is Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie the 1st. Garvey prophesied to the oppressed and enslaved black people in the western hemisphere saying: Look to the east for the coming of a black king and they should worship GOD through the spectacles of Ethiopia.

To his followers, the crowning of Emperor Haile Selassie on November 2, 1930 as “King of Kings Lord of Lords Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah” was the fulfillment of this Prophecy. The birth name of the Emperor is Lij Tafari. He is the 225th King to sit upon the throne of David through the Solomonic dynasty. He is revered as the elect of GOD, Jesus Christ in his kingly character!

Haile Selassie is a man of small stature but mighty in knowledge, principles and humility. Before he was crowned King and then Emperor he was a RAS (head of state). This is where the term Rastafarian derived from (RAS Tafari).

Emmanuel Charles Edwards has passed on but his establishment still remains and has grown throughout the world. The headquarters is located at 10 miles Bull Bay east Jamaica; A place known as Bobo or Zion Hill.




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