Marijuana mixed with Alcohol caused Justin Bieber to fall off stage.

justin bieber smoking weed
justin bieber smoking weed

Justin Bieber is back to his wild ways and it is getting scary.

The 22-year-old smoked weed backstage while preparing for his performance on the Purpose tour. A video obtained by TMZ shows the “Sorry” singer smoking a joint on stage. The pop star was also seen drinking from a bottle of Hennessy during the show.
During the singer’s performance, he fell right off the edge of the stage while adjusting his pants between songs. Bieber got back up and went on with the show unfazed.

This is the second time in three months that Bieber has fallen during a performance. In April, while performing in Kansas City, Missouri, he lost his footing and dropped down on his tailbone while getting a running start through water that covered the stage from the massive downpour that is a signature element of the show. Just like his most recent whoops, Bieber recovered and went on with the show.



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