When you hear the word Africa, what comes to mind?

The Most Beautiful Modern Cities in the World

Africa remains the richest of the 7 Continents

 Africa is a continent consisting of 53 independent countries. However, this was very different during the nineteenth century when Western European powers scrambled to divide Africa and its resources into political partitions at the Berlin Conference of 1884-85. By 1905, control of almost all of Africa was claimed by Western European governments, with the only exceptions being Ethiopia (which had successfully resisted colonization by Italy).

The decolonization of Africa took place after World War II, when colonized peoples agitated for independence.  Today African has regained their sovereignty but as a result of colonialism and imperialism, a majority of Africa lost control of their natural resources such as coltan, diamonds, gold, oil, gas, uranium and bauxite just to name a few.

Africa is the second largest among the 7 continents; it is 4 times the size of the U.S.A. and very diverse in terms of ethnicity. Contrary to popular belief,  Africa has some of the most beautiful modern homes, cities and highways in the world. Cities like Cairo of Egypt, Nairobi of Kenya, Accra of Ghana, Lagos of Nigeria along with Addis Ababa of Ethiopia features exquisite architecture in roads and buildings to rival any major developed country.  Also the world’s richest black male and female are Aliko Dangote a Nigerian and Isabel Dos Santos the Angolan.

While there are many wealthy people living on the African continent, this wealth has not translated into better living conditions for the average African person and the Continent overall. There are numerous reasons for this including colonization, corruption, armed conflict, and policies of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

In-spite of all her troubles, because of her great wealth of natural resources and her vastness of cultures, Africa is still the richest continent of them all.



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