Which Donald Trump basket are you in?

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton is very correct when she said that half of Donald Trump’s supporters are in a “basket of deplorable.” She have since back down and said she regretted saying half. She is correct in regretting saying half. Half of Donald Trump’s supporters are not deplorable, it is more like 99%.

So to all the Trump supporters, please let us know where do you fall in the Trump’s basket? Are you among the 99% basket who are racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic? Or are you among the 1% who are hard-working Americans, farmers, coal miners, teachers, veterans, members of our law enforcement community?

Many are trying to make Hillary Clinton sound evil for what she said, she is not, she is exposing evil people. Donald Trump is as evil as 99% of his supporters. The sad thing is, enough of America is evil to give Donald Trump a presidential victory in October. If every bigot in America votes in November, Donald Trump will win by a landslide, that is ow racist America is.



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