Vybz Kartel could be free man in 2017.

Vybz Kartel being transferred to maximum security prison
Vybz Kartel being transferred to maximum security prison

According to Vybz Kartel’s attorney, the caged ruler of dancehall reggae could be free sometime this year by way of a successful appeal.

Tavares-Finson says he expects a hearing on Kartel’s appeal to occur the first part of this year. “We are very confident we will have a succesful outcome,” Tavares-Finson says. A number of issues arose in the trial where we feel the judge made erroneous decisions. A number of jurors were employed as agents of the state and, had that information been given to the defense, they certainly would not have sat on that jury. That has come out in the trial of the juror who was charged with attempting to bribe other members of the jury,” said.

News also broke today that the convicted murderer has been transferred from the Horizon Adult Remand Centre to the maximum security Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre.

Vybz Kartel’s attorney Tom Tavares Finson confirms that Kartel was transferred but said he does not know why.

However, there has been no word from the Department of Correctional Service about the transfer, which coincides with mounting concerns that Kartel was apparently recording songs while incarcerated at Horizon.

Two days ago, Joyce Stone, deputy commissioner of corrections, said she could not comment on the matter directing that the questions be posed to the Commissioner, Ina Hunter.

However, Hunter is yet to respond to questions emailed to her on Monday night, questioning whether Palmer was being investigated for, among other things, any violation of prison protocols.



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  1. Yow dis is di real gaza selector outta GT/GY n mi ah seh Kartel ah di baddest thing around him deh a jail but yet like deh a road him mek party nice mi nah lie ….FREE WORLD BOSS 2017 ….GAZA MI SEH TIL DEATH!!!!

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