This Is What Happened To Rihanna’s Adorable Baby Cousin

This Is What Happened When Rihanna's Adorable Baby Cousin Got Into Her Makeup

Rihanna’s love for her baby cousin Majesty is well-documented, from throwing her incredible themed birthday parties to taking her out to get pampered with a manicure. Now, it looks like little Majesty is trying to emulate her glamorous older cousin.

In an Instagram posted to the singer’s account, Rihanna showed what happened when Majesty got into her makeup and decided to apply liquid eyeliner to herself, without any help from Rihanna. According to the caption, everyone else was sleeping, but Majesty still “had plans for that liquid liner.” It looks like Rihanna also approved of Majesty’s burgeoning makeup experimentation, as she added a prayer hands emoji to her caption as a show of support.

See Majesty’s makeup job below.



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