Serena Williams called “disgusting” by racist managers at a luxury shoe store.

pregnant Serena Williams
Serena Williams

Serena Williams is the greatest female tennis player ever, she is super sexy, she is very beautiful, she possesses a very warm character, she is millionaire, she is married to a millionaire businessman but to managers at a Gianvito Rossi shoe store, she is just another “disgusting” N-word.

The pregnant tennis star is at the center of a lawsuit which claims she was branded “disgusting” by “racially disparaging” managers at a luxury shoe company.

The racial discrimination lawsuit against Gianvito Rossi has been filed by former employee Whitney Wilburn, who is black.

She alleges that Williams was denied the same discounts as white celebrities and claims her own boss was “hostile based upon her race and age.”

Wilburn was brought into run Gianvito Rossi’s Manhattan boutique in 2015.

But she was apparently met with immediate hostility by boss Grace Mazzilli, who “left no doubt about her racial animosity toward African-Americans.”

n regards to Williams, the lawsuit adds: “For instance, when the world famous athlete Serena Williams, via her staff, asked for a discount on her extensive purchases, Gianvito managers responded with racially disparaging comments about Ms.Williams which made it clear that the company did not want African-American women to wear its shoes.

“They referred to Ms.Williams as ‘disgusting’ and refused to offer any discount.








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