Trinidad knocks the United States from World Cup 2018.

Trinidad and Tobago beats the United States
Trinidad and Tobago beats the United States

There will be a party in Russia in 2018 and the United States is not invited. Donald Trump, his cronies and all their collusions with the Russians could not get the United States men’s national team to the ultimate soccer party.

Maybe it is a wake-up call for the big bully in the white house to cool it with his bigoted temper tantrums as these are the days when David will slew Goliath.

The United States in the world cup has become a standard.  When people think of who will qualify for the world cup out The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association (CONCACAF), United States and Mexico  are what who come to mind.  Countries like Jamaica, Trinidad, Panama, Canada and Honduras are usually left to squabble for the left overs.

Mexico is going to the world cup as is expected.  Shockingly the United States will not be in Russia for 2018.

Trinidad went up on the United States 2-0 in the first half.  The United States mad a push early in the second half and made the score 2-1 but that that was it.  The Soca Warriors were just too good for the United States.

Sports has been intermingled with politics lately, just look at what is happening in the National Football League (NFL) and players kneeling for the national anthem to protest police brutality against Black and Brown people.

We have to look at what the United States getting beaten by Trinidad could mean on the world stage, a midget not only stood up to a giant but the midget won decidedly.  Capleton says it best; “As big as you think you are you are living in a small world.”



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