The destruction of Marijuana has started.

Marijuana over alcohol
Marijuana over alcohol

Marijuana was once a niche industry and its users were considered criminals, unless they were in Amsterdam. Now in the United States weed is becoming more popular than ice cream and apple pie combined.

It is projected that by 2020, marijuana will be more popular than beer and pizza. It is also being projected that by 2022, marijuana sales will reach $20 billion in the United States.

Great for marijuana right? Wrong. With the booming marijuana industry comes the evil corporations. Alcohol and Tobacco companies have their eyes sent on the marijuana legalization movement and just last week an alcoholic company decided to step foot in the marijuana industry.

Alcohol giant Constellation Brands, which includes Corona beer, Svedka vodka and other brands decided to pay $191 million for a 10% stake in Canopy Growth Corp, a marijuana company. That is a very big deal for those who invest in marijuana but very bad news for users of marijuana.

Constellation said it has no plans to sell cannabis in the U.S. or other markets until it’s legal “at all government levels.” For now, it’s more a matter of identifying markets with growth potential, said Chief Executive Officer Rob Sands.

This is the first time a major alcohol manufacturer has invested in cannabis

“Our company’s success is the result of our focus on identifying early-stage consumer trends, and this is another step in that direction,” Sands said in a statement.

As part of the agreement, the two companies will collaborate on cannabis-based beverages that can be sold as adult products but only in places where the products are legal at the federal level.

Again, this is great for marijuana investors but not good at all for marijuana users. In fact, this deal is the equivalent of an angel going to bed with the devil.

Bob Marley said marijuana is the healing of the nation and alcohol is it’s destruction. Sadly when you mix good with bad, the good gets bad.



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