Alabama votes for Decency ~ Rejects Trump, Bannon, Moore

BIRMINGHAM, AL - DECEMBER 12: Democratic U.S. Senator elect Doug Jones greets supporters during his election night gathering the Sheraton Hotel on December 12, 2017 in Birmingham, Alabama. Doug Jones defeated his republican challenger Roy Moore to claim Alabama's U.S. Senate seat that was vacated by attorney general Jeff Sessions. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Unless you live under a rock literally, by now you would have realized the devastating blow that Alabama voters delivered to the Republican Party during last nights Senate Race. 

Democrat, Doug Jones, pulled off a major upset victory against Republican, Roy Moore! 

Alabama is historically a Red State with a rather conservative electorate and has not voted Democratic in 25 years. Since then the state has been moving steadily to the right. It was only a year ago that Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton there by nearly 30 points in the Presidential Race 2016 so this win is a big deal..


This unexpected victory narrows the Republican majority in the Senate to 51-49. Jones won with 49.9% of the vote, to Moore’s 48.4%. While all votes from precincts around the state have been counted and the margin of victory well above the half a percentage point, it’s not entirely over technical.

Overseas Write-in- ballots can continue to come in until the 17th day after an election. As it stands, there was a total of 1.7% of votes for write-ins. If the final result is outside the 0.5% margin, either candidate can request a recount if they are prepared to pay the costs hence why Roy Moore has yet to concede, saying “it’s not over”.

Nonetheless, the experts are saying, the race is most likely over. Furthermore, President Trump has already congratulated Doug Jones  in a tweet shortly after US media declared him the winner.

Once Jones takes his seat, the Republicans can only afford to lose 1 vote; in the event of a tor (50-50) split, Vice-President Mike Pence will have the casting vote. The upside, at least for now is the fact that the Republican party still has time to pass its tax-cut bill and vote on any year-end budgetary resolutions. The tide is undoubtedly shifting in the Democrats favor.


What caused this history upset you might ask; well there’s a list of things:

Roy Moore

The 70 year-old was a flawed candidate with an enormous amount of controversy surrounding his candidates i.e.

As a judge he has been removed from the bench twice, most recently for his refusal to issue marriage certificates to gay couples. He is known for holding problematic views such as: Muslims are not fit to serve in Congress, Homosexuality (which he likens to beastiality) should be illegal, Obama is not born in the US, he’s against women’s rights to choose, like trump he praises Putin etc

More than anything though, the allegations of sexual misconduct made by several women, some when they were teenagers, may have been the largest and final nail that sealed his fate in this election.

Trump and many others within the Republican Party initially distanced themselves from Moore but towards the end had a change of heart with the numbers considered! Trump endorsed in a Nationalist Steve Bannon campaigned on his behalf. PS this will mark the 2 candidate backed by Trump that loses to their democratic opponent!

Doug Jones:

The 63-year-old is a former lawyer known for helping to convict 2 Ku Klux Klan members who bombed a black church in 1963 in Birmingham, killing 4 girls. How is that for starters especially given the fact that it was the African Americans in the State of Alabama that made the difference in the end. That demographic showed up BIGLY (pun intended) for Jones.


In his address to the nation post-win, Jones declared,  “the entire race has been about dignity and respect”. “This campaign has been about the rule of law. This campaign has been about common courtesy and decency and making sure everyone in this state, regardless of which zip code you live in, is going to get a fair shake in life”. He went on to say “We have shown America the way”


It is also fair to say that NBA Hall of Famer, Charles Barkley’s last minute push helped. He took aim at Roy Moore on Monday night, urging Alabama residents to “at some point, stop looking like idiots to the nation” and “draw a line in the sand” by refusing to send Moore to the Senate.  Barkley is an Alabamian native who voiced serious concerns with the message the state would send if they elected Moore; “It’s about for the next few years, not just Tuesday, Barkley said.


THE MORAL OF THE STORY: Alabamians set aside their partisan politics & voted on the right side of history!





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