The Perfect Collaboration ~ Wilner Pierre ft Tanya Stephens

Reggae’s most Prolific Female Lyricist Tanya Stephens, teams up with the ever so smooth Bahamian Artist/Producers, Wilner Pierre in this steamy collaboration, fittenly labelled as “Gimme Your Love Reload”!


If you haven’t heard about Tanya, please research because her body of work is nothing short of amazing. Her tracks tend to be laced with jaw-dropping lyrical aptitude; there’s no holding Tanya back when she gets in that recording booth. She stands up the best of the best. It isn’t easy to perform alongside Tanya but Wilner Pierre in his Bahamian flare did the damn thing.

This track gets a 10 out of 10👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽





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