Activist Erica Garner Dead at 27 ~ what killed her ~ Asthma or the System

At only 27 years old #EricaGarner ~ The daughter of Black Lives Matter icon #EricGarner was declared dead on Saturday after a weeklong hospital stay following a heart attack.

Ms. Garner was an activist who fought for justice after her father, Eric Garner, 43, was killed by the police in 2014. Its public knowledge, in fact,  Garner’s death was captured on live camera. The video showed him being tackled by police officers, then held in a chokehold while saying the infamous phrase “I can’t breathe.” 11 times.

Garner also had asthma, that officer that placed him in the chokehold still walks free, no indictment free of charge and this didn’t go unnoticed; civil rights activist all across the world, chimed in.

Eric would be proud, his namesake/ daughter Erica stood up and led the protests highlighting that  none of 8 officers involved in the crime were ever held accountable. Notably in In 2015, she released a song with her relative Steven Flagg, called “This Ends Today” in tribute to her father.

“She was a warrior to the end. She stood up for justice for her father,” the Rev. Al Sharpton said in announcing the death of Erica Garner, 27, at a New York hospital.

Garner’s official Twitter account, run by her family and friends since she became ill, asked that she be remembered as a mother, daughter, sister and aunt with a heart “bigger than the world.”

Theories of Conspiracy are already swirling! The leading question is: how often does a asthma attack, trigger a heart attack, that induces a coma, that leads to death?



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