Jah Cure issues and apology, according to Tony Matterhorn

Jah Cure
Jah Cure

Jah Cure went on a mad rampage this week insulting selectors, promoters and producers; only sparing the fans. Today, however, the Reflections singer is issuing an apology to all who he offended, at least that is what Tony Matterhorn is relaying to the public.

Matterhorn had given Jah Cure six hours to issue an apology. He did not give an explanation of why Jah Cure was not man enough to issue the apology himself.

“Big up to Jah Cure and thanks for the apology on behalf of the sound fraternity. We respect that, you stood up and be the big man,” Matterhorn said.

A lot of selectors have came public and said that the Cure’s apology is not accepted. At least, not unless he man up and apologize in person rather than having a third party to do it for him.

Some selectors have began removing Jah Cure songs from their playlists and have stated that they will not be playing any more of his songs.



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