Mavado’s son being questioned in murder case.


Mavado’s son is still being held in police custody after been arrested over a week ago.

Detectives are questioning the 17 year old about a recent murder in Cassava Piece, St. Andrew.

A man was brutally murdered by being shot, chopped with machetes then had his body set ablaze during an upsurge in violence in the community two weeks ago. Police believe that killing could have been linked to Mavado being shot at earlier in the day.

Mavado’s son was among five people picked up from Mavado’s mansion. Four of the five was released before police rearrested Mavado’s cousin, upcoming dancehall artist, Chase Cross.

Since Mavado was shot at there have been numerous shootouts on the area.

The police also want to talk to Mavado in relation to the upsurge of violence but the deejay is in the United States where he is a resident. His attorney says that plans are being put in place for the deejay to fly down and talk to the authorities.

Mavado is well known for hit songs like So Special and Real McCoy.



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  1. Wow…well, Daddy need to rush back to Jamaica to clear up this mess. The law down there not playing anymore…the tide is turning, God is showing himself.

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