Abortion and Child Support: Men have no Rights.

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Abortion and Child Support
Abortion and Child Support

All men should take care of their children. It should not even get to the point where a judge has to force a man to take care of his responsibility. A man should just take care of his children regardless of the circumstances.

On the other hand, wherever abortion is legal, a woman should not be able to get an abortion without the consent of the man who impregnated her. If a man and woman have consensual sex and the woman gets pregnant, when the baby is born, the man has no option but to take care of the child. So why should a woman have the option to decide on her own whether or not to abort the fetus or birth the baby?

Now Young Woman A and Young Man B are both in college and they are involved in a romantic relationship. Young Man A gets Young Woman B pregnant and now they must make a very important decision. Should they have a baby, which they can’t afford and potentially mess up their education goals? Most people believe it is the woman’s decision because it is her body.

If young Woman B has the right to do whatever she wants, then why can’t young Man A do what he wants too? If he did not want the baby why should he be forced to take care of that child? If he wants the child, he cannot force the woman to not have an abortion, so why should he be forced to take care of the child if the woman wants the baby.

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I despise dead beat fathers, but I use this line of reasoning to show what I believe is a flaw in saying that the woman and the woman alone must decide on whether or not she wants to have an abortion.

If a woman is free to say whether or not she wants to abort a baby without the man’s consent, then the man should be free to say whether or not he wants to support the baby.

Abortion and child support should have a simple rule: If a man can’t stop a woman from killing a baby that he wants, then he should not be forced to support a baby that he does not want.

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  1. There are issues with the idea that a man should be forced to take care of a child for life if he does not want it but the idea that a woman should have to get permission before getting an abortion is just daft. You have to face the fact that from a biological point pregnancy is not equal, you cry about it all you want but that’s just the way it is, it would be cool if you could stop your sperm fertilizing the egg remotely but you can’t.

  2. If “My body, my choice” is the mantra for women, “My wallet, my choice” is only fair for men.

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