Boom Viniyard
Boom Viniyard

Henry St. Hilaire jr. (Boom Viniyard) was born on February 22, 1980 in Kingstown, St. Vincent. As a child Boom Viniyard loved music and enjoyed singing and dancing. He worked in his father’s bar and nightclub DJing and bartending until he was fifteen years old. He moved to St. Croix of the U.S. Virgin Islands in 1985 with his mother.

Boom Viniyard was behind in his schooling because in St. Vincent he didn’t attend much school. He still managed to graduate high school in 1991. Now while in high school Boom Viniyard started singing for fun in the corridors. He then joined a Pan African Group doing plays about African pioneers and singing. At the same time keeping the vibe alive chanting on sound systems in the ghettos of St. Croix. Boom Viniyard became very popular on the small island and exactly one week after graduating High School he bought a plane ticket to Brooklyn, New York, to pursue his music career.

While in New York City Boom Viniyard met a woman named Jacqueline Dixon who is orginally from Kingston, Jamaica. She admired his ambition for coming to a big city all alone as a youth, going to school and pursuing what he enjoyed. She invited him to live with her and her children in the Bronx. While living in the Bronx, Boom Viniyard began to meet a lot of people in the Reggae Industry such as artists, sound owners and radio personalities. Boom Viniyard started Djing on different sounds like Down Beat, The Ruler and Shaka Zulu to name a couple.

In 1995 after the birth of his first daughter, Boom Viniyard decided he had to take his life on a higher path. He started studying the bible and going to an African Church. While in church he met many people from Nigeria and especially Ghana and thus became very close with a lot of people from the Ashanti Tribe. Boom Viniyard sang in the church band called “Echoes of Praise”. He would travel to different churches throughout the East Coast and people loved his vibes and the energy he poured out when he would sing. The band also recorded two CDS that did well in the gospel music Industry.

By 1998 Boom Viniyard had his second child, a son. He then saw a greater fullness within, through the revelations of the scriptures, which led to him putting on the Rastafarian covenant. He did, however, perform one last time at a major church event. According to Boom Viniyard there will never be a night like that. The vibes was so powerful that night, that after singing the church members asked him to be the Sunday school teacher, and the dean from Hezekiah Walkers Love Fellowship Ministries offered him a scholarship to their bible school. But Boom Viniyard denied both offers. He broke away from the church and wrote the songs “Stolen Legacy” and “You don’t have to be like them”. In 2001 Boom Viniyard released both songs on his own independent label named Sinai Records. The music got worldwide attention and enjoyed heavy rotation on numerous radio stations throughout New York. He then started doing shows with major artists like Luciano, Morgan Heritage, Buju Banton and Ghost.

Boom Viniyard then migrated to Jamaica the heartland of Reggae and lived in Harborview. The birth place of Mrs.Dixon who became his mother figure. While living in Jamaica he made a few trips to Bobo Hill where he would reason with the Prophets and Priests. After Prophet Imos heard Boom Viniyard’s songs “Stolen Legacy” and “You don’t have to be like them” he told him that Immanuel is calling him. A lot of Boom Viniyard time in Jamaica was also spent in St.Elizabeth.He also did shows throughout Jamaica including St. Elizabeth, Harbor View and Flankers. When it was time to depart Jamaica, he was blessed by the prophets and priests from ZION HILL. They also told him that on his next trip to Jamaica, he should make sure his first stop is Bobo Hill.

Boom Viniyard then went to Florida to headline a major show. What was supposed to be a short visit took some unfortunate turns. He ended up staying in Florida a lot longer than he planned. Boom Viniyard had gotten mixed up with the wrong set of people and even spent some time in jail. The good thing was he got even more inspiration to write more songs about the many tribulations that he faced in Florida.

After three years in Florida, Boom Viniyard linked up with the record company TCOOO (Taking Care of Our Own). Right now he’s currently working on a project called “Do You Want to Live” to be released the first week of April 2006. This project is said to be very promising for him, because it has true messages that everyone will be able to relate to in someway.

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