Am a priest but am a Rebel
Some are God and some are devil
Punnany is the reason for my troubles
It’s not my ego
I can’t get enough it seems
A simple touch rise it up with ease
But I can’t sex away my dreams
Semen like dreams, With these water Queens
Yo rudeboy I gotta tell you
Life with a girl can bring such sorrow
When it’s sweet in the hole
You make her toes curl
But when drama unfolds love turn so cold

I play the field cause am a field brother
I keep it real cause am a real brother
Hurting ladies, aborted fetus
We break up for reasons but why the future
Too many stars never live to shine
I know I can make it one more time
Life is mystic and the concepts divine
More precious than golden coins

Baby mama no more drama
Cause we were young, but now we are older
And every child needs his mama his dada
Don’t hurt the future, help us father
The youths are suffering
Can a mother cease care for the belly pain
The child she bare from him, whom she wont love again

I gotta hail the warriors from the NYC
Big up the family, yo whaddup Tampa Bay
The light of the world reach the West Indies
Rasta run the heavens, run the earth and run the seas
We burn pope Benedict and Hercules
And hail Melchizedek the higher priest
We show them love, but they want no peace
Give me love, but if it’s war, ANY MEANS
Special Raspect to the Black Nation
Volcano erupt from the Volcan land
From the annex Black sand rise a thunderstorm
They can’t keep us calm, They can’t keep us calm



Wild roses from the ghettos
You rude as hell,why you won’t listen
You don’t want no discipline, you don’t want no principle
What’s up with you? What’s up with you?
So your smoking cigarettes, you drinking and you clubbing
You popping Ecstasy and you snorting cocaine
You wear no underwear,you flex so obscene
I hope you live to see your sweet sixteen

Do You Wanna Live?
Tell me! Do you wanna live?
Living amongst the dead, you better know
You only killing yourself (2x)

Killing yourself,
shaking your thing Like a tambourine
those pretty legs
Dem always opening
you so beautiful
But your inside’s not clean
You pregnant with evil, you living a dream
Careless rose, inside you is a Queen
And she needs to live
We are intelligent beings
Stop bringing our nation down , with your careless living
For that a bring down thing


Me sistren, this bitch is the system
That old dirty shitstem
But we will be judged for our actions
Hope unuh a hear me kings
When momma don’t care
Sisters don’t know
And pappa queer
Brothers need a clue
Bagga boo just grow the queens
And JAH will see us through
JAH will see us through
If we want to live!


I’m killing myself
Giving myself unto woes
Smoking cigars, and drinking booze
Me can’t believe ah dis ah gwan, me mussy blown a fuse
Meditation bruise, Im singing the blues

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