Reggae Artist Solution

Solution was born on the sunny island of Jamaica. He hails from the parish of Hanover, in the north western section of the island where he attended primary and high school.

He grew up in a large and loving family of mother, father and ten siblings. After high school, the teenaged Solution, driven by a desire to improve his family circumstances, left the family home and travelled to Kingston to seek his fortune.

Little did he know the dangers and hardships of the streets of the capital city. However, though surrounded by violence and crime he never became a part of it. He instead, spent his days working and his free time in local music studios such as Lego’s and he performed at local events, singing the songs of his musical heroes Dennis Brown, Admiral Tibet and Half Pint.

He worked out with the Atlanta based band, King Rat for a couple of years and is now focused on really making waves as a serious reggae artiste.

His singles, ‘Lose My Soul’ and ‘Can I’ paint the picture of a man unafraid to show his romantic side and also one who holds fast to his principles in spite of the lure and the hype of the fast lane.

His current ep contains the aforementioned’ Lose My Soul’ and ‘Can I’ as well as ‘I Keep Trying’, ‘Trouble Over Here’ and ’Hard Climb’. It’s a very enjoyable outing and there is much more to come.

The memories of his growing awareness of music as a child with his mother and father is something he will never let go of.

Golden vocals!

Taking Jamaica and the world by storm,

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