Golden Krust CEO, Lowell Hawthorne

Golden Krust CEO Commits Suicide.

The founder and CEO of Golden Krust Caribbean Restaurant and Bakery shot and killed himself in one of his factories in Bronx, NY earlier today, according to the New York Police Department (NYPD). Lowell Hawthorne, […]

Marley brothers are now Marijuana brothers
Crime and Punisment

The Criminalization Of Marijuana.

Historically, one of the most effective methods ever used by the ‘Ruling Class’ to marginalize and control particular groups of people, is the practice of demonizing and/or criminalizing their customs. In democratic societies, the government […]

Elaine Thompson

Elaine Thompson is NOT dead.

Fans, friends and family of Elaine Thompson can relax and not fret. The 25-year-old Olympic Gold Medalist is not dead. She is just the latest unfortunate victim of an internet death hoax. Rumors of the […]

Sex addiction

Is Porn Addiction Real?

I don’t understand “Addiction to Porn.” How does one become addicted to watching pornography? When one becomes addicted, what happens when they go through withdrawal? Are they rendered deathly ill and writhe on the floor […]