Juneteenth 2021.

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18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS
Juneteenth 2021
Juneteenth 2021

Nanny of the Maroons, not a statue but a try symbol of Liberty.

Nanny, great Nanny, you are the greatest that ever lived
Nanny, great Nanny, who else could have done what you did?
How did you do it Nanny? Where did you get the courage?
Was if from Africa? Or were you just tired of living in bondage?
You were a strong black woman, leader of strong black men
Commanding in rhythm, like Maya Angelou reading a poem
I can hear your commands Nanny, rise!, rise!!, rise!!
Let’s fight for freedom, under these Jamaican skies
Who could have stopped you, and say let there be peace
Could Dr. King have convinced you, to turn the other cheek?
Ghandi might have tried, but he would have no success
Nanny, great Nanny, you deserve the green dress!

I won’t ask about slave masters Nanny, or you might say, “slave who?”
You were enslaved, but not a slave, and they were no masters to you
But how did the Europeans react, did they think you were dumb?
When with a machete, you rise to fight, against their heavy guns
They underestimate your skills Nanny, you fierce fighting tiger
So from limb to limb you chop them, like a close range sniper
And like African bodies on the high seas, fattening the sharks
You use white men blood Nanny, to nourish Jamaica’s grass
Because green grass grows good, when wet with water
But when wet with blood, it grows even faster
So spread their blood Nanny, from Brown Hill to Maroon Town
Nanny, great Nanny, you deserve the green crown!

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I have heard the stories Nanny, you caught bullets with your ass
And fire them back at the Europeans, as if you were passing gas
Black magic, voodoo, obeah, call it what they may
But for the innocent African blood, you made white men pay
You led the way great Nanny, so Africans in Haiti ib 1804
Could stand up brave and say, we won’t take this anymore
They killed every last European in Haiti, and proclaimed their independence
They followed your footsteps Nanny, they fought with your strength
Tell us your secrets Nanny, we really need to know
They could have saved Martin, Malcolm, Medgar, Marcus and Steve Bico
You fought for Africans freedom, like Haile Selassie on his horse
Nanny, great Nanny, you deserve the green torch

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I wish you were here Nanny, I wonder what you would say
About the one sided history, being taught in colleges today
Columbus came, claimed, conquered, crashed, murdered and stole
Yet nowhere in their history books, have your story ever been told
But I will tell your story Nanny!, So Africans worldwide can hear
Nanny, you are the sweet dream, that will end our sour nightmare
So for our liberty, justice and rights, we won’t turn the other cheek
We are warriors like you Nanny, real Africans aren’t weak
Nanny, like you we will say, just like Bob Marley sung:
“If a fire, mek it bun, and if a blood mek it run”
We don’t have to build you a statue Nanny, to prove our loyalty
Nanny, great Nanny, you are the true symbol of liberty

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